Turth and Facts

Any parent that has “forced/encouraged” their children to get this experimental gene therapy treatment are to blame for their children’s deaths and I as a parent are here to protect my children at all costs and research the best options and question everything possible before making any decision whatsoever, that is my job as a loving parent and to give the best healthy life for my children until they become and adult they are my reasonability to educate them to question everything and research everything.

You may think i am a bit harsh that i blame the parents but i am stating truth and facts, they are adults/parents and should do the research no excuses whatsoever they have the tech in their pockets (phones) that they use daily to post images, videos etc of themselves to IG, FB, TicTok, YouTube etc Yet they can’t do a little research and question this important decision they are making for themselves and especially for the children’s lives.

If you do not research or question anything, then you are to blame for any of your children’s illness, death, disability, etc from this experimental treatment. You are a bad parent.